The « Aubrac » windbreak curtain with guide rail

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  • Rideau pour l'agriculture Aubrac

  • Rideau agricole brise vent Aubrac

  • Rideau agricole Aubrac

The « Aubrac » windbreak curtain with guide rail

This curtain is designed for weekly, or even daily use, when motorised. Particularly suitable for use as a door, this curtain is prized for its finishing and ease of operation.

It consists of canvas winded around a Ø 102 x 2 mm axis, suspended by two 330 x 330 mm plates. The tube can be manually driven by means of a crank or motorised through a tubular motor (controlled by a switch and a remote control). The canvas is composed of sheaths to pass the galvanised steel stiffeners through.

In terms of guidance, the tube slides in two side rails. The entire assembly is weighted with a 100 x 60 x 4 mm thick tube.

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