« Salers » milking parlour curtain

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  • Rideau agricole Salers

  • Rideau brise vent agricole Salers

« Salers » milking parlour curtain

Specially designed to close off milking parlours, this curtain is appreciated for regulating winter draughts. Easy to use, it’s designed for daily use.

Regarding its design, the Salers curtain consists of canvas that’s rolled around a Ø 78 mm tube in the central portion, a tubular motor inserted in the latter (motorised version) and a Ø 78 mm ballast tube. The assembly is guided by two 50 x 40 mm vertical rails. On the manual version, there’s a crank and a 1/16 winch that drives the central tube.

Finally, to ensure the curtain’s watertightness, two black flaps are fixed at both heights.

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