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  • Rideau Parthenay agricole

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  • Rideau Agricole Parthenay

« Parthenay » sliding curtain

This curtain is designed for weekly, or even daily use. Ideal for closing canopies or sheds, this curtain is appreciated for its finish and ease of operation

Its special feature is its reinforcement with vertical weldable straps for perfect tension of the curtain (straps spaced 1 metre 50 to 3 metres apart, depending on the height of the curtain). In plain English, the Parthenay consists of sliding canvas equipped with rollers allowing it to slide in the 50 x 40 mm rail. The curtain is blocked at its end by a 50 mm diameter tube in a sheath.

Its system: the lower portion of this tube is fitted on a Ø 40 mm tube welded to a bracket (pierced bracket). At the top, the Ø 50 mm tube is fitted on a Ø 40 mm tube, also welded but to a rail sleeve.

As regards the curtain’s tension, the latter is achieved thanks to a Ø 50 mm tube driven by a tensioner.
Finally, for curtains over 3 metres high, a strap encircles the vertical end tube and the winding tube for greater sturdiness. A second tensioner supplements the device from 15 ml of curtain.

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