« Gascon » curtain for large widths

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  • Rideau Gascon brise vent pour l'agriculture

  • Rideau agricole Brise vent Gascon

  • Rideau agricole Gascon

« Gascon » curtain for large widths

Particularly well-liked for the brightness it gives the building, this curtain is ideal for closing off the long side. Its powerful three-phase motor makes it possible to wind the curtain with a single motor up to 80 ml.

For weekly or even daily use, this curtain is comprised of canvas that’s winded around a Ø 78 mm axis (opening from the bottom upwards). This BOX type motor is located at the end of the latter. The assembly is laterally guided by two vertical tubes (Ø 48.3 mm x 2.9 mm thick) by means of a motor support with high-density Teflon rings for proper travelling.

De plus, le rideau est guidé également devant chaque poteau du bâtiment par un tube vertical Ø 50 mm afin d’éviter qu’il ne s’écarte en cas de grands vents (le Gascon doit absolument se poser contre les poteaux, il ne convient pas pour un auvent ou un appentis).

In addition, the curtain is also guided in front of each of the building’s poles by a vertical Ø 50 mm tube to prevent it slipping out in the event of high winds (the Gascon must absolutely be installed against posts; it is not suitable for an awning or shed).

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