« Charolais » vertical rolling curtain

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  • Rideau brise vent Charolais

  • Rideau brise vent agricole Charolais

  • Rideau Agricole Charolais

« Charolais » vertical rolling curtain

Especially suitable for livestock buildings, in particular ones with straw areas and feed alleys, the Charolais curtain is appreciated for its price and ease of operation.

Designed for monthly or even weekly use, this curtain consists of canvas that’s rolled around a Ø 78 mm tube positioned at the bottom. Since it cannot be motorised, it is operated by a 1/16 turn winch crank handle.
Finally, the curtain is extended by a flap in the lower portion (about 80 cm) that allows manure to push without damaging the curtain.

Optionally, the curtain can be attached directly to the ground with stable rings and can be completed by a weighted heavy black army canvas bib (dock shelter cloth) to prevent engulfment under the curtain’s skirt in the wind.

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