« Blanc Bleu Belge » windbreak curtain

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  • Rideau agricole Blanc Bleu Belge

« Blanc Bleu Belge » windbreak curtain

This curtain is designed to be stationary and provides protection from the wind while letting in light.

Made of solid canvas and/or mesh, the BBB curtain is characterised by its sturdiness thanks to PRECONTRAINT technology and the welded weldable strap on its edge (1.2 tonne high-resistance strap). Eyelets are set every 50 cm on this strap.

Thanks to its made-to-measure based design, it’s possible to make specific shapes, like gear tips. For long lengths, we recommend ballast tube tension and ratchet straps (see. Charolais curtain). As regards attaching this curtain, we can offer you an installation kit: wood screws, washers, concrete anchors, etc.

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