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« Béarnais » sliding curtain

For weekly or even daily use, the Béarnais curtain is ideal for closing canopies or sheds. Particularly well-liked for the brightness it gives the building, it’s valued for its opening speed.

Its special feature is its reinforcement with vertical galvanised steel tubes spaced 1 m 50 to 3 m apart, depending on the height of the curtain.
In plain English, the Béarnais consists of sliding canvas equipped with rollers allowing it to slide in the 50 x 40 mm rail. The curtain is blocked at its end by a 50 mm diameter tube in a sheath.

Its system: the lower portion of this tube is fitted on a Ø 40 mm tube welded to a bracket (pierced bracket). At the top, the Ø 50 mm tube is fitted on a Ø 40 mm tube, also welded but to a rail sleeve. As regards the curtain’s tension, the latter is achieved thanks to a Ø 50 mm tube driven by a tensioner.
Finally, for curtains over 3 metres high, a strap encircles the vertical end tube and the winding tube for greater sturdiness. A second tensioner supplements the device from 15 ml of curtain.

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