« Abondance » ventilation curtain

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« Abondance » ventilation curtain

A true ventilation curtain, the Abondance net will allow you to best manage incoming airflow thanks to its opening at the top.

Optionally, it is possible to open this curtain from both top down and bottom up with a second drive, ideal for cleaning the long sides of straw areas.

In its basic version, the Abondance curtain consists of a fixed winding tube in the upper portion that raises the net with a system of straps.

When opening, the motor in the lower portion ensures constant tension on the canvas while winding surplus fabric for better durability.

This system is complemented by a « storm plus » device. It makes it possible to lock the curtain when the latter is in the closed position. In fact, in front of each post, a locking lever locks the winding tube and tightens the canvas for increased wind resistance and a longer service life. These levers are operated simultaneously using a winch located at the end of the curtain.

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