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Liquid fertiliser tank

VA truly affordable solution for storing your liquid fertilisers, our tanks ranging from 5 to 300 m3 are made of a prestressed coated fabric with high tenacity polyester fibre reinforcement, and coated while under pressure during the entire production cycle, which provides exceptional dimensional stability and full respect of the grain.

This specific fabric is specially designed for storing liquid fertilisers. It is also UV treated for added durability.

Easy to install, our tanks do not require significant engineering, just simple levelling and stabilisation suffice. If the soil has perforation elements, a thin layer of sand must be placed, a retention membrane in 650 g/m2 PVC fabric will complete the device. The latter is required. It can be placed between walls or in a ditch. A retention basin with a frame can also be used.

The result of long experience in technical membrane design, we guarantee our liquid fertiliser tanks for 10 years.

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