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« Cathédrale S » agricultural tunnel

A truly affordable solution for storing your fodder or your large equipment, the Cathédrale S agricultural tunnel, by design, offers you maximum effective volume. Its 12 m width allows optimal storage of even large diameter bales.



Presentation of the Cathédrale S agricultural tunnel

This round storage tunnel is made of hoops, each consisting of 3 arches. Stronger, the hoops are assembled through sleeves. The positioning of the sleeves on the hoop was selected based on strength requirements. Obliquely placed reinforcing bars reinforce the tunnel and allow it to be consolidated. There are 16 of them placed on the first two and last two hoops of the tunnel.

Like our Basilique and Monastère tunnels, our Cathédrale S tunnel requires no concrete foundations, only a dirt trench on each side. This little extra makes it quick to set-up and less restrictive than our classic Cathédrale tunnel.
Finally, a 650 g / m² reinforced PVC canvas covers the structure. Lateral tension is created by burying the canvas in the trenches. The gables end with a hem incorporating a sheathed, steel cable to perfectly hold up in the wind.

This tunnel complies with the Greenhouse Standard 13 031-1.

Optional: RCY offers systems for insulation, gable doors, protective covers, and several colours are available

NEW! If you are an individual or a single-member EARL, we can prepare your building permit file for your agricultural tunnel for you.

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