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  • tunnel agricole de stockage Cathedrale

  • tunnel cathedrale de stockage agricole

  • Tunnel de stockage Cathedrale

« Cathedrale » agricultural tunnel

A real « cathedral » tunnel the unique dimensions of this agricultural shelter offer maximum effective volume. Its 12 m width allows optimal storage of even l1.8 m diameter bales.

Presentation of this agricultural tunnel

Mounted on concrete foundations, its hoops spaced 1.5 m apart tolerate installation at an altitude of up to 1,000 metres and 1,300 metres with hoops spaced 1 m apart. This storage tunnel complies with the NF EN 13031 standard.

The hoops are made of three arches with a pointed shape at the ridge to limit the accumulation of snow and formation of water pockets. The pointed arches are secured with 13 bolted poles. A 650 g per m² reinforced PVC canvas covers the structure of the agricultural tunnel. Lateral tension is created by an sandow and the gables end with a hem incorporating a sheathed, steel cable to perfectly hold up in the wind.

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