Agricultural storage tunnels

RCY / Agricultural storage tunnels
  • tunnel agricole de stockage Cathedrale

  • tunnel cathedrale de stockage agricole

  • Tunnel de stockage Cathedrale

Our agricultural storage tunnels

Agricultural storage tunnels or livestock buildings make it possible to store fodder, protect livestock and store agricultural machinery and equipment. Comprised of a sturdy galvanised steel frame and a PVC membrane cover, our agricultural shelters are set-up to withstand your region’s weather and altitude.

« Monastère » agricultural tunnel

The Monastère tunnel is a truly affordable storage and shelter solution for your farm equipment, fodder and your cattle.
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« Basilique » agricultural tunnel

A unique design, it’s designed to optimise storage needs. Thanks to its 10.30 m width, it’s ideal for livestock production.
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« Cathedrale » agricultural tunnel

A real « cathedral » tunnel, its unique dimensions offer enormous effective volume allowing optimal storage of 1.8 m diameter bales.
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« Cathédrale S » agricultural tunnel

The Cathédrale S agricultural tunnel offers, thanks to its design, maximum effective volume. Its 12 m width allows optimal storage of even large diameter bales.
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